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A DUI will affect your future: Here’s why

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2019 | Uncategorized

You wanted to go out and have a good time with your friends, but you all had a little too much to drink. You knew you should take a cab or catch a ride with a sober friend, but you got behind the wheel anyway.

Now, you’re facing significant charges after causing a crash while intoxicated. Everyone will be fine, so you’re now focused on how the DUI will affect your future.

How will a DUI affect your career?

How a DUI affects your career is partially dependent on what you do for a living. Just being arrested usually won’t put your job at risk. However, a DUI conviction could threaten your professional license, such as your license to practice medicine or law, as well as your driver’s license. Even if you keep your job, you may find it difficult to get there without a license.

Some employers do have mandatory firing policies that state that any conviction will lead to automatic dismissal. Look in your employee handbook to see what your employer’s policy is.

Will a DUI affect your right to student financial aid?

If you have a criminal conviction, then there is a chance that you could lose your right to federal aid. If you are incarcerated, then you will generally lose your right to federal financial aid until you are released. Once you are released, most eligibility limitations will be removed. Keep in mind that drug-related offenses are treated differently, so if your DUI was drug-related, your eligibility may still be limited. A DUI related to alcohol should not affect your ability to obtain aid, but you should speak with your attorney and student aid officials to be certain in your case.

How does a DUI affect your insurance?

A DUI conviction essentially tells your insurer that you’re a reckless, dangerous driver and that you’re a higher risk to them. Some insurance companies will not insure those who have DUIs on their records. Even if they will, the chances are that the cost of your insurance will skyrocket.

These are only some of the ways that a DUI will affect you. The true cost of a DUI is much more than the fines and penalties assessed by the court. If you are accused of a DUI, it’s always going to be in your best interest to fight back and to try to defend yourself against the charges.