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Real Estate

What are boundary disputes?

Neighbors in Minnesota frequently manage to get along without issue. Some opt to become friends, while others choose to keep to themselves.  Unfortunately, there are occasions where neighbors simply cannot get along. The reasons for this can vary, but they often...

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Buying Minnesota foreclosures

Every week, millions of people tune in as real estate investors with their own TV shows buy a foreclosed property, fix it up, and double their money. While that is an inspiring concept, the television cameras don't follow these house flipping pros through the legal...

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What to know about variances

Communities in Minnesota and throughout the country typically have rules about where a home or building can be located. This is generally done in an effort to maximize residential and commercial property values. An individual who wants to use a property for a purpose...

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Most people want to buy a home by 28

Buying a home is on the to-do list for most people, right along with getting a college degree, getting married, starting a career and having kids. It's one of the standard boxes that many individuals want to check off in their lives. Buying your first home is a major...

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