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Divorce rates double when couples disagree on kids

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2019 | Family Law & Divorce

Before you got married, did you talk to your spouse about whether you wanted kids? If you’re not married yet, are you planning on having that conversation before you tie the knot?

On one hand, it seems obvious that it’s a conversation people should have. Getting married, for many, is the first step toward starting a family. They need to know that they have the same plans.

On the other hand, this isn’t the same world it was 50 years ago. People put off having children for longer now, and more couples don’t have them at all. Bringing it up before a wedding may seem like massively rushing things to a couple that just wants to get married, and they may never talk about it.

If not, and if it turns out that they have different ideas — one person wants kids and the other does not — then the odds of divorce double. This is one of those issues that can absolutely end a marriage, and it can do it quickly.

It’s potentially a major issue, for instance, if people who get married are not close in age. The older spouse may badly want to have kids quickly, while the younger spouse may not feel ready yet. If they cannot come to a compromise, or if one person does not change their mind, they may feel like they really do not have any other option but to end their marriage.

If you do wind up getting divorced for this reason or any other, take the time to carefully look at all of your legal options.