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Divorce myths you must avoid

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2020 | Family Law & Divorce

Divorce is complicated enough on its own. Do not let some of the common divorce myths make it even more complex due to mistakes and misunderstandings. To help, let’s break down some myths that you want to avoid.

Cheating gets punished in court

When a spouse is not faithful to the marriage, the other spouse often files for divorce. In some cases, they want more than just the end of the relationship. They want to punish that person for their actions. It’s important to understand that the court’s role is not ever to punish someone for infidelity. They just help you work out legal issues, like dividing assets and child custody.

Your ex can get you out of child support

Say your ex wants nothing to do with you after divorce. They get custody of the kids and you expect to pay child support. They say they don’t want it. You may think that this means you do not have to pay, but the reality is that the court determines child support obligations, not the parents.

You can hide property

When dividing property, you may think it’s wise to hide it from your spouse — giving a “gift” to a friend, for example, so that they can give it back to you after the divorce. Not only is this not wise, but it is also often illegal. The court has seen it all. You won’t trick anyone by hiding assets. You need to honestly disclose everything.

Moving forward

These are just three common myths, but hopefully, that gets you started in the right direction. Make sure you are well aware of all of your legal rights as you head toward divorce.

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