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Illinois just sold $3.2 million in marijuana

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Marijuana continues to become legal around the country. What began in places like Colorado and Washington has now spread to Michigan and, most recently, Illinois.

It appears to be popular. In just one day with legal marijuana, Illinois made about $3.2 million. Even with buying limits, things are selling out. Dispensaries are running dry. One owner said all he had left after one day was a few chocolate bars.

For those in Minnesota, these nearby sales may be tempting. And it is legal to go to Illinois, buy the products, and use them there before returning to Minnesota.

What is not legal, however, is buying marijuana in Illinois and then driving it over the border into Minnesota. It’s still illegal for recreational use here, and crossing borders with it is also illegal. It has to stay within the state where the law permits it.

People who drive down to use marijuana may also want to be careful if they plan to quickly turn around and drive home. Impaired driving is also illegal. Even if the marijuana was purchased lawfully and used in Illinois, getting back behind the wheel while still under the influence could lead to a traffic stop and an arrest, just like drunk driving.

As legal marijuana continues to spread and becomes more accessible, it’s natural that people are going to run into some of these legal issues. They may make mistakes and break the law without realizing that they’re doing so. When this happens, it is very important for them to understand all of the criminal defense options that they have.

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