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Errors not to make when getting divorced

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2020 | Family Law & Divorce

Navigating a Minnesota divorce is always challenging. The last thing you need is a self-inflicted error increasing the chance that you end up in court or in a difficult financial position after the divorce. Here are some things to avoid during the divorce process.

Do not stop communicating

Even if they do not like each other, spouses need to talk directly during the settlement process. This can head off potential misunderstandings that inflame tensions. When you only talk through a lawyer, it will run up your legal tab. Many divorces are settled by talking, so make sure not to lose this valuable opportunity.

Make sure to address joint accounts

As long as your name is on the account, you are responsible for it. This means that you should close joint accounts as soon as it becomes apparent that you will be getting divorced. If you do not close the account fully, make sure that you take your name off the account to avoid being responsible for a spouse’s debt.

Do not be overly adversarial

While divorce is an inherently adversarial process, it does not have to be contentious in all circumstances. Do not let your anger dictate your actions because it only brings more problems. Even if you are unhappy with your spouse, you should not keep your anger from letting you compromise.

One way to avoid unnecessary errors is to get help during the divorce process. Doing everything on your own leaves you open to mistakes when you are angry or simply lack legal knowledge. A family law attorney might keep you out of trouble by giving you the advice that you need to stay focused on the ultimate goal of your case. The aim is to settle the case on the best terms possible without going to court.

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