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Remaining on your best behavior is key when seeking child custody

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2021 | Family Law & Divorce

When parents in Minnesota choose to end a marriage, child custody becomes a top issue. In many cases, even in amicable situations, custody matters can turn what began as a simple divorce into a raging battle.

Both parents often want a greater share of child custody. Typically, this is because each parent feels they can protect and care for the kids better than the other parent. Letting these conflicts turn into war is harmful to your children and maybe to your side of the case as well.

What behaviors should you avoid when seeking custody?

Regardless of your situation, you want to put your best foot forward when dealing with a family court. We have found that first recognizing and then avoiding unbecoming conduct during divorce can help you meet this goal.

  • Not staying involved in your children’s lives during divorce is a common mistake for parents too caught up in the proceedings.
  • Overindulging in alcohol or drugs, even when the kids are with your co-parent, could harm the outcome of your custody case.
  • Not sticking to prearranged activities with your kids may affect how a court views your desire to parent your children.
  • Speaking negatively or abusively about your co-parent may attract the wrong kind of attention from a family court.
  • Not following all orders handed down by a judge can also hurt your child custody goals.

If you recognize any of these behaviors in yourself, you have a better chance of avoiding them and getting a fair custody agreement. It is also helpful to learn as much as possible about child custody laws in Minnesota.

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