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These 3 arguments could be a sign of a divorce to come

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2021 | Family Law & Divorce

Sometimes, arguments are a sign that a divorce could take place in the future, but not always. If you are concerned about your relationship because you’re having fights, then it’s time to sit down and really think about how you want to move forward.

Certain fights are more likely to occur before a divorce than others. For example, fights over serious money issues will likely crop up. Issues with trust may also be a sign that a divorce is on the horizon.

If you’re having arguments over these three issues, it’s time to think about divorce

The three main issues couples fight over before divorce include:

  1. Money issues
  2. Trust issues
  3. Intimacy problems

When there is a lack of intimacy on top of problems with trust or money, then it is much more likely for one spouse to want to walk away.

Money issues can be a sign of negative things to come. For example, if you find out that your spouse has lied about their spending and has thousands of dollars in debt, you may get frustrated and decide to end the marriage over that violation of trust. Similarly, someone who believes a spouse is spending money on dates with others may have frustrations over a lack of intimacy as well as the potential adultery occurring.

What can you do if you’re fighting over these issues?

If you’re fighting about money, trust or intimacy, you have the option to sit down and talk to your spouse about those problems. Work out what you want and what they want. Do your goals align? If they don’t, then a conversation about going to counseling or considering divorce may be right for you.

If you choose divorce, what should you expect?

If you choose divorce and decide to move forward with one, make sure you understand what that entails. You will be expected to divide your marital property, set up custody plans, look into spousal support and take care of other divorce-related issues. It can be a complex situation to be in, so you may want to look into your legal options before you move forward with filing for divorce.

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