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Estate planning is nothing to fear

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2022 | Estate Planning & Probate

It is perfectly normal to have reservations about estate planning, but these are often blown out of proportion. Too often, misconceptions result in people forming a negative opinion of the process without considering any of the potential benefits.

The reality is that estate planning can bring security to your family, and it can also bring your wishes to fruition. So why is it that people become so apprehensive when the subject of estate planning comes up?

Angst over the legal process

With the right legal guidance, your estate plan can be developed within a relatively short period. There doesn’t need to be any involvement from the courts at that point. In fact, when done properly, an estate plan can save your loved ones the time, money and stress of a long probate process after you’re gone.

Superstition about death

Death can be a sad topic, and nobody wants to spend too long thinking about what will happen after they’re gone or scenarios for what they want to happen if they become extremely ill or incapacitated. Additionally, many people across the country are deeply superstitious, leading to a common perception that discussing death somehow makes it more likely. Estate planning doesn’t mean that you have to obsess about your death and it can also lift your quality of life.

In fact, people frequently feel relieved after setting their estate plan in motion. The process offers you an opportunity to solidify your final wishes for what to happen to your assets after you’re gone. When making plans for the future, it’s crucial to understand your options and your legal rights.

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