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3 things to bear in mind when negotiating child custody

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2023 | Family Law & Divorce

Trying to get the best child custody deal, and the emotion of the whole divorce can lead many people to make errors that harm their chances.

Here are some things to bear in mind: 

It’s not just about what you want

There are three of you with stakes at play here – you, your spouse and your child. While it’s important to think about what you would like, you need to acknowledge the other parties also have a right to get what they need and want so you’ll need to make compromises.

Courts base custody decisions on what is best for the child, rather than what the parents want, so whatever your particular wishes, putting your child’s best interests first and respecting that your soon-to-be ex also has a right to spend time with your child can help avoid deadlock situations.

You need time for other things

Raising a child is hard, as you probably know by now. Yet, many people push too hard in custody negotiations, thinking that they can look after all the child’s needs and still hold down a full-time job (which you will likely need to pay for your post-divorce living costs).

A more even share of custody and parenting time gives each parent more time to do all the other things they need to do in life such as working, resting and having a social life. 

You need to understand current custody laws

Times have changed and courts do not give automatic preference to mothers in custody situations anymore. Getting help to learn how a court would view your situation can help you negotiate a better deal.