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Why stay off of social media until your family law case is resolved?

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2023 | Family Law & Divorce

Social media platforms are great resources for individuals who are in need of support. Whether you logon to keep up with loved ones or you enjoy interacting with groups of individuals from around the globe who share your mutual interests and concerns, chances are that you use social media on a fairly regular basis. 

If you’re navigating a divorce and/or a contentious child custody matter, you may find yourself more drawn to the supportive aspects of social media more than ever before. Yet, it’s very important that you limit or curtail your social media use until your family law case is resolved. As frustrating as this reality may be, family law matters and social media platforms just don’t mix well

Taking nothing for granted

Criminal defendants are often advised to stay off of social media until their legal situation is resolved because prosecutors can scroll these public platforms for evidence to use against them without first securing a warrant. Similarly, your spouse, their attorney and anyone else interested in your case can scroll your activity for evidence to use against you and your position. 

Even if your family law case is amicable now, it could become contentious at some point. The very last thing you want is to compromise your property division and/or child custody goals because of something you said on social media that was twisted in an effort to undermine your case. 

As tough as it can be to limit or halt your social media use at such an emotional time, you need to be smart about the ways in which you’re using these platforms until your case is resolved. Your future self might just thank you for making that effort. 

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