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It’s time to think about summer plans (already), co-parents!

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2024 | Family Law & Divorce

While winter’s chill still lingers, for co-parents, it is an opportune time to start planning for the summer. Early planning for summer co-parenting schedules is important for various reasons that help to ensure an enjoyable season for both children and parents alike.

The primary reason why it’s important to start discussing summer plans well before the season arrives is that this effort allows ample time to negotiate and resolve any potential conflicts. By talking sooner instead of later, co-parents will have the opportunity to calmly discuss each other’s vacation plans, special events and the children’s activities, better ensuring that agreements are reached without the pressure of looming deadlines.

Key concerns to address while planning ahead

It’s generally a good idea for co-parents to consult with their children about their summer wishes. Children might have specific interests, such as attending certain camps or participating in summer activities, which may require early registration.

Additionally, co-parents often need to request vacation time from their employers. Early planning allows both parents to coordinate their work schedules with the summer custody schedule, better ensuring that they can spend quality time with their children.

And, if summer plans involve travel, early planning can be consequential. This is especially important for co-parents who need to coordinate trips, purchase tickets or make reservations. Planning can lead to better deals and less stress as the vacation time approaches.

Finally, starting this conversation in winter gives co-parents the flexibility to make adjustments as needed. If disagreements or scheduling conflicts arise, there is ample time to find mutually agreeable solutions without the added pressure of imminent deadlines.

While summer may seem far off during the winter months, this is the ideal time for co-parents to start planning. Starting early is not just about being organized; it’s about allowing both parties enough time and space to create a positive and memorable summer experience for the entire family.

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