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I’ve made my will. What now?

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2024 | Estate Planning & Probate

The first step to planning your estate is often creating a will. A will can help decide how you would like your estate to be handled after you pass away.

Once you have made your will, there may be things you still need to do. Here is what you should know: 

Ensure your will is valid

A valid will requires your signature. However, you should also have two witnesses sign your will. These witnesses should not be in any other part of your estate plan. Without any of these signatures, your will may be considered invalid. 

You may also want to avoid using any pre-made templates for your will. Many pre-made will templates found online are not recognized by the state. 

Update your will

You have the right to make adjustments to your will when you want. You may want to consider updating your will every few years to update your asset and beneficiary list. Many people also update their wills after marriage, divorce, childbirth and health scares. 

Keep your will safe

Your will should be kept somewhere safe so that it can be easily located after you pass away. If your will is not easily found, it could complicate the probate process for your family and loved ones.

Make loved ones aware of your will

While having a will can help ensure your last wishes are met, you may still want to talk about your intentions with your loved ones. This could help them prepare for the future. 

You can seek legal guidance to discuss your will. Yet, just having a will may not be enough for your estate plan. You may want to learn about your estate planning options. 

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