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Making A Difference In Employee-Employer Relations

Both workers and the companies that hire them have vital roles to play in our community and our economy. No matter if you are an employer or employee, workplace conflicts happen.

At Kelm & Reuter, P.A., our experienced St. Cloud and Sauk Rapids-area business attorneys are well-versed in Minnesota workplace law, and can counsel on the best strategies for avoiding conflicts with employees and resolving disputes when they arise. Our lawyers help you to steer clear of conflict and address it affirmatively when it arises. For employees, we assert your rights to the fair exchange of labor and reward.

We Help Employers And Employees Resolve Issues

Unlike other law firms that represent only one side, our attorneys represent businesses and employees as well. This practice provides us with the insight necessary to work creatively to meet your objectives with solutions that get results yet also satisfy the other party. When a mutually acceptable resolution is not possible, we have the ability to litigate your case to a successful conclusion.

Every successful businessperson knows that a happy and efficient workforce is a company’s best asset. But since businesses have to be run in the real world, disagreements and conflicts with employees will happen, and it’s crucial that these controversies be handled competently, professionally and, above all, legally.

We provide guidelines for positive employee discipline, which establishes firm expectations and accountability, leading to improved productivity or justifiable termination. When necessary, our team of aggressive litigators is ready to assert your rights in any legal action.

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